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How do I frame my puzzle?

Many people like to frame completed Anatolian Jigsaw Puzzles for display. There are many ways to do this yourself, or an easy solution is to take it to your local craft or framing store and have it done professionally.
To transport your Anataolian Jigsaw Puzzle to a craft store, make sure it is glued first - then sandwich between two pieces of cardboard or use one of the many storage options available. Make sure to keep it covered to avoid damages in the transport process.
We recommend having the puzzle dry-mounted (adhered to a thick piece of sturdy foam board) before framing to preserve the puzzle seamlessly and ensure no pieces fall out. If you are trying to be budget-conscious, it is entirely possibly to simply glue your puzzle at home and them find a frame that fits the size of your puzzle and frame it like you would a poster.
Ideally, puzzles should be covered with glass or a nice transparent plastic sheet inside the frame because the cover will protect the puzzle from fingerprints or scratches. The cover will also help secure the puzzle from collapsing or bowing from within the frame. Many customers recommend using conservation glass with built-in UV protection which will keep the puzzle colors looking vibrant for many years without fading. Once the puzzle is framed, it will look great and last a long time without any worry.

How do I go about gluing a puzzle?

Gluing your finished Anatolian Jigsaw Puzzle is a great way to save your finished work and display a work of art that you can be proud of for years to come. Today, we'll show you how to do it yourself!
- It transforms puzzle into one seamless piece!
- It showcases your long hours of dedicated work!
- It provides a topic of conversation for those inclined to do so.
- It creates, a brand new, original piece of art, right there, in your own home.
- Gluing Anatolian Jigsaw Puzzles is fun and very affordable and very easy to do.

Ready to Get Started Gluing your Anatolian Jigsaw Puzzles?

First things first, pick an Anatolian Jigsaw Puzzle… any puzzle! Actually, pick out aa Anatolian Jigsaw Puzzle that you enjoy looking at time and time again! Your choices are endless. A larger puzzles, something around 750to 1000 pieces is great for a framed wall piece – but you can do the same thing with smaller 100 to 500 piece puzzles too!

Don’t forget to buy your Anatolian Jigsaw Puzzle glue! We prefer liquid glue – since there is no preparation and it’s easier to apply. This allows you to see where you have spread the glue more easily than with clear glue. If you do use powder glue (some brands provide powdered glue with puzzles over 500 pieces) just make sure you mix it according to the instructions and it should work just great! You want a glue that seals clear, solid and strong. If possible, choose glue made by the same manufacturer as your puzzle. Glue packaging will indicate the size and number of puzzles it will cover.

My puzzle is missing a piece - help!

It's easy to misplace a puzzle piece, so make sure you look everywhere first.

Puzzle pieces often wander off attached to a piece of clothing or by a curious pet or child. Allow a few days of searching before declaring the piece! Double and triple check the packaging — it's very possible it could be hidden or stuck in there. Thoroughly search any rooms you used for opening, constructing, gluing, transporting or storing the Anatolian Jigsaw Puzzle. Check under chairs, inside open garbage cans, under rugs, in your fridge... you never know! Lastly, make sure that all of the pieces you've placed so far belong where they are, this way you know for sure exactly what piece you're missing.

Still nowhere to be found? Don't worry, we have Missing Piece Support..!

Please fill out our MPF at page We need every field so fill out correct and full. Do not forget to gill “Puzzle” and “Product Code”s. You will find those codes in the puzzle box you bought. After receiving your form, our support team will send you the pieces. Please be patient, because it takes some time to ship those pieces to US.

Where can we find your products? Where are you located?

We have only ONLINE SALES thru our website (, no direct sales from the store (at the moment).
You may contact us from:
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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept every major form of payment! This list includes Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer, and PayPal! If you have any other questions feel free to contact us from our mobile number + 1 856 320 6928