There's More to Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces: Take it from someone who knows

There's More to Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces: Take it from someone who knows

Puzzle Book by Linda Richard

Here's Top 10 Takeaways from the book but there's plenty more!

1. Lighting is THE number one dilemma whether you are a novice or seasoned puzzler. If you don't have good lighting, the challenge can be increased to unpleasant experiences - even abandonment. You will determine which lights may work best for your puzzle workspace.

2. Space or working areas tend to be challenging for puzzles around 1000 pieces.  Some 500 piece puzzles have large size pieces and are the same size as a 1000 piece puzzle. You will need to plan and prepare an adequate space in case your puzzle takes longer than expected.

3. Look at puzzle boards and tables for ideas. You may be surprised how creative some puzzlers can be. Some have found the spinning table to be most convenient while others, like me, use furniture risers under the table legs so we can stand during our sessions.

4. Ergonomics and other physical situations are common among some puzzler's pains when it comes to puzzling. Sitting for longs spells of time and/or handling puzzle pieces are two main negatives to this particular hobby. To alleviate said situations, we suggest standing on a thick floor mat and or choose puzzles that have over-sized pieces which have been said to make a huge difference for puzzlers with arthritic hands.

5. Cloth mats or foam type boards? Besides the boards and tables mentioned above, there is the flip side of puzzle boards. Compare the pros and cons between the two before purchasing. There's some pretty creative ideas for puzzle boards included too!

6. Dealing with previously loved (used) jigsaw puzzles - the biggest drawback is the 'escapee' or the dreaded missing piece(s).  You may be surprised to know that even brand new sealed puzzles can be missing pieces. Find out what we puzzlers do about that.

7. Don't glue your most favorite puzzle first. Always try to glue a smaller, less liked puzzle first. It's a little tricky to regulate how much glue to use on the puzzle board type. Watch videos or try using a couple of other options mentioned in the book, like the 'No Glue' method or peel and stick paper.

8. Has a jigsaw puzzle business entered your mind? Are you a terrific artist but have no ideas how to put your work to jigsaw puzzles? There are resource ideas there for that.

9. Did you know there are really beautiful wood cut puzzles with cut figurines? Yes, they are known as whimsies. Sometimes whimsies can be found in normal puzzle boards but the wood whimsies tend to be very appealing.

10. A most important reason to buy this book now, rather than later, is to reap the maximum benefits of the 'brain released dopamine', which is said to decrease levels of stress due to the 'meditation-like' focus puzzlers use while having fun puzzling.

Want to know more? The first 8 Topics are available to read below!

  • IF you are curious to know what all the 'hype' about puzzles is you surely will find your answer here.
  • IF you are looking for a new hobby, there's plenty of info covered to help you decide.
  • Do you have some free time coming up due to retirement or other situations that will leave you with space to fill in your daily routine? You will find that while assembling jigsaw puzzles time will escape you.
  • Have you decided you need to find a way to bring your stress levels down?  Ask someone who does puzzles if they escape from their troubles and worries by doing puzzles - chances are pretty good they are going to say yes!

"There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle." - Deepak Chopra


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